Working from home

Your dream can be to combine working in Spain with spending time with your family. Our goal is to help you attain it in the most harmonious fashion. That’s why we have created a villa combining the enjoyment of working from a home-office with family life.

Working from Home SOHO (Small Office Home Office)

Smiling man at desk with mobile phone

IT and Communication technologies, ICT, are now a substantial part of our lives. In addition to facilitating our daily lives, it is helping us to give an essential change to our professional lives. It is becoming easier to work thousands of miles away from our head office or the home of our clients. Living in the Costa Blanca being able to work much of our time at home is almost a dream come true.

We can provide you with all the elements that help you to decide what you want to incorporate:

• High performance Wi-Fi.

• Room ready for video conferencing.

• TV with internet access.

• Access to electronic banking and government agencies.

• Movies and high quality music.

• Security high definition.

• Interconnection-mobile-home vehicle.

• Private Network Services in the area.

• Software to facilitate domestic chores.

• Advice on implementation of ICT at home for professional use.


Do not miss the opportunity to live and work near the beaches of Orihuela Coast and within the Golf complex.